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In This Handbook:
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Organizing Your Binder
  • Notetaking System
  • Bully Prevention Policy
  • Staff Phone Numbers
  • Abbreviated Day Schedule
  • Academic Awards
  • Address & Telephone Updates
  • After-school Activities
  • Arrival & Dismissal Times
  • Athletics
  • Attendance Policy
  • Bicycles
  • Binders
  • Bus Transportation
  • Cell Phones/Personal Technology Devices
  • Closed Campus
  • Confronting Another Student is Prohibited
  • Cyberbullying is Prohibited
  • Discipline Guidelines
  • Dismissal
  • Disruption of The Educational Process
  • Dress Code
  • Drop-off & Pick-up
  • Eighth Grade Promotion
  • Enforcement of Rules
  • Fire/Emergency Drill
  • Fragrant Liquids
  • Gang Related Activity
  • Homework
  • Health Room
  • I.D. Cards
  • Immunization
  • Insurance
  • Intramurals/Clubs
  • Lighters
  • Lockers and Backpacks
  • Lost & Found
  • Lunches
  • Markers/Paint/Glue
  • Money
  • Parties
  • Parent Visits to Campus
  • Pictures
  • Police Reports
  • Request for Records
  • School Technology
  • Telephone Usage
  • Textbooks
  • Valuables/Personal Property/Money
  • Buying & Selling
  • Visitors
  • StudentVue/ParentVue
  • Bell Schedules
  • Garfield Wolf Card


Attendance Policy

We expect your child to be at school, on time, for the full day, every school day. School is not optional. It is important! Make school a family priority.

APS students are allowed no more than five unexcused absences per semester, and no more than 10 unexcused absences per school year.

The parent/guardian must notify the school when the child returns with a note to report the reason why the child was absent, the day(s) of absence(s). In addition, make sure the name of the child is included on the note and the parent/guardian’s name and date, time, phone number.

Excessive absences will be addressed per the APS Student Behavior Handbook

Absences may be excused for the following reasons, with appropriate documentation:

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Death in the family
  • Religious commitment
  • Illness
  • Family Emergency
  • Diagnostic testing
  • School or College Visit

In the event that the school has not received notification of absence by a parent for three (3) consecutive days, the school will make an attempt to contact parent/guardian.

Excessive excused absences may result in further inquiry from the principal and request for additional documentation.

Family vacations are considered unexcused absences, and it is expected that parents will schedule vacations during periods of time when school is not in session.

Students who are signed out before the end of the instructional day must have written documentation of the reason (as defined under excused absences) or be subject to the same consequences as tardy and/or absent.

It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school when their child is absent. Please send a note with your child upon their return to school indicating your child’s name, the day(s) of absence, and the reason(s) of his/her absence, parent’s or guardian’s name and date, time, phone number. Your child will need to drop the note off in the attendance office.

Parent permission is required if a student leaves school during the day; students must first report to the attendance office. Parents must pick up their child in the administration office. If someone other than a parent will pick up the child, you MUST list the person’s name on the Emergency Release card.

We will request a picture I.D. before we release your student. Anyone not listed on this card will not be allowed to remove the student from school.

Family trips or vacations during the school year are considered unexcused absences. See district handbook. When assignments are requested, teachers should be given 24 hours notice to prepare the assignments. If the teacher is unable to provide the assignments prior to the trip, the work would be due in a period of time equal to the number of days absent or a time mutually agreed upon by the student and the teacher.

Cell Phones / Personal Technology Devices

Student possession of cell phones and other personal electronic devices on campus is permitted. These devices must be kept out of sight and powered off during the school day. Use of personal technology devices during the school day will result in the confiscation of the personal technology device. When a personal technology device is confiscated, it will be released to the parent/guardian in the main office.

Consequences will be as follows:

1st offense: Parent device pick up.

2nd offense: Parent device pick up.

3rd offense: Three-days lunch detention and Parent device pick up.

4th offense: One-day suspension and Parent device pick up.

5th offense: Two-day suspension and device will not be returned until the end of the semester.

Garfield Middle School is not responsible for preventing theft, loss, damage, or vandalism to students’ personal technology devices or other valuables. Garfield Middle School is not responsible for recovering lost or stolen student valuables.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear a shirt with a collar and a sleeve (polo, button up). Spirit shirts are also acceptable (Garfield STEM shirts, UNM, APS High Schools, other colleges and universities). Solid color shirts may be worn. 

Solid color pants, including jeans, shorts and skirts. Shorts and skirts should be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Ripped jeans, sweat pants, or leisure wear are not appropriate for school. 

Students may not wear slippers or flip flops to school. 

If the student is wearing a hoodie or jacket over their shirt they will be required to have the required dress code shirt under. Hoodies or Jackets worn during the school day cannot have graphics.

Unacceptable clothing and accessories include, but are not limited to:

  • Attire or accessories that advertise display or promote any drug, including alcohol or tobacco, sexual activity, profanity, violence, disrespect and/or bigotry towards any group are not acceptable. Clothing with images disrespectful to women, dice, bottles, cans, money, dollar signs, bandanas, weapons, or blood are not acceptable. Graphics/images are not permitted on clothing.
  • Gang-related attire
  • Excessively tight or revealing clothes, sheer, mesh-like, short shorts, (shorts must be as long as fingertips reach with arms extended while standing up straight)
  • Bare midriff, sleeveless shirts, low-cut and/or off the shoulder blouses
  • Spiked jewelry, pins, chains, belts with more than 2 inches excess.
  • “Sagging” or the wearing of pants/shorts below the waist and/or in a manner that allows underwear or bare skin to show, and “bagging” or the wearing of excessively baggy pants/shorts with low hanging crotches are prohibited. Pant leg must not be greater than 6 inches when pant leg is extended from the side of the knee.
  • Ripped or torn pants should not be worn. Leggings or tights are not permitted. Pajamas and sleepwear are not allowed.
  • Overalls/coveralls must be worn with the suspenders fastened and over the shoulders.
  • Hats/caps, hoods, and sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school building.
  • Fashion contact lenses. Only doctor-prescribed contact lenses are permitted.

The apparel of professional sports teams is not permitted at Garfield Middle School. An exception to dress code will be permitted only after a conference with the principal and only when there is specific instructional, safety, religious or medical reasons for the variation. We are not a uniform school.

Every Friday there will be a dress down/spirit day. 

Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

The southern side of the school is the only safe and acceptable drop off. Please use the loop road on 4th Street and Matthew.  The front (east side) of the school is considered a fire line. No drop off or pick up is allowed on the east side of the school. Please use our parent and visitor parking on the north side of the building