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Grey Wolf Instructional Council

grey wolf instructional council members

Kelli Holloman - IC Chairperson

Whitney Mignon - Math Chairperson & Notetaker

Melanie Lucero - Literacy Chairperson

Chris Speck - Science Chairperson

Kalyn Lopez - Social Studies Chairperson

Lena Fahrenkrog - Electives Chairperson

Joseph Varela - 6th-Grade Chairperson

Kelli Holloman - 7th-Grade Chairperson

Carlye Roberts - 8th-Grade Chairperson

Toni Seidler - Special Education Representative

Rachael Sonia - ATF Union Representative

Joshua LaClair & Isla Porras - Administration


  • Support Staff Representative
Grey Wolf Instructional Council Protocols and Policies
IC Meetings

Every Other Monday (except during school holidays) starting Monday, January 9th, 2023

3:20 - 4:20pm

Library - All are welcome to join!

We welcome all families to attend!