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Welcome to Our School, Grey Wolves!

Welcome Back!
Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year, Grey Wolves Scholars!

The last year has been challenging as you navigated finally going to school after the worst pandemic in over 100 years.  However, you have learned that even in the worst circumstances, we can be resilient in the face of adversity, adapt to uncertainty, and use your problem solving skills when presented with the unknown.  These are three of our most important Habits of Mind, those ways of thinking and working together that make Garfield STEM a unique Magnet School, part of the only K-12 STEM pathway with our partners at Mission Avenue Elementary and Valley High School.  We look forward to “Making Things Work and Making Things Work Better” with you this year!

Back To School Supplies

Back To School Supplies
Garfield STEM Supply List for Binder Other Supplies

1 - 3” three-ring binder

(not hard material preferable)

1 - lock for hallway locker
5 – 6 colored tab subject dividers

1 - lock for gym locker

(only for PE students)

1 - zipper pouch to store supplies 3 - tissue boxes for Advisory class

3 - packages of pens

(2 blue/black & 1 red)

2 - packages of Clorox Wipes for Advisory class

3 - packages of pencils

(mechanical or wooden)

4 - Spiral Notebooks for Math
1 - 2 highlighters 1 - box of colored pencils
1 - pencil sharpener & eraser 1 - pair of scissors
4 - composition notebooks 1 - bottle of hand sanitizer

4 - packs of notebook paper

(college or wide)



Grey Wolf Dress Code

School Dress Code

The APS Board of Education and Garfield STEM Magnet and Community School supports equitable educational access and a student dress code that fosters an educational environment that values, affirms and welcomes the diversity of all students.

Dress codes shall be enforced consistently and equitably and in a manner that does not lead to differential treatment on the basis of racial identity, sex assigned at birth, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, cultural or religious identity and observances, household income, body size/type or body maturity.

We believe all students should be able to dress comfortably and the primary responsibility for a student’s dress lies with the student and the family.  We will not impose punishment related to student dress, and dress code enforcement should not result in barriers to student attendance or participation, unless related to safety.  However, a student's attire will not interfere with the health or safety of any student, nor contribute to a hostile or intimidating learning environment for any student.  All students and staff are responsible for managing their own distractions without regulating another student’s dress.

Grey Wolf Scholars are expected to dress in neat, clean, and appropriate clothing that does not pose a safety hazard to oneself or others.  It is up to the administration to determine what is and is not objectionable, and will do so with fairness and equity in mind.  With that being said, the following dress code guidelines will be utilized, and students will be reminded by staff and administration:

  • College and career, and Grey Wolf school spirit clothing is always encouraged; sports teams, whether professional, amateur, or college, can be worn as long as it does not create student conflict.

  • Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times in order to maintain safety for students from falling objects, thorny plants outside, chemicals and science materials, and more.

  • Slightly torn and distressed jeans are OK, and all holes above the knee must be one inch less in size.  Pants must be pulled up, and shirts must meet the pants.

  • Any clothing that depicts drug/alcohol/tobacco use, sexual aggression or activity, profanity, gang affiliation, or violence of any kind through images or written text is not acceptable.  In these cases, students will be asked to remove the item of clothing with an alternative from home, turn it inside out, or will be given a temporary replacement that can be worn at school.  Families will be notified by administration.

Cell Phone Policy
Cell Phone Policy

Grey Wolf Scholars may carry cell phones and other personal electronic devices to campus.  However, these devices must be kept in their locker after the first bell, or upon their arrival to school, and powered off throughout the day.  Administration and school staff reserve the right to confiscate a personal device if a student is not complying with these expectations after one (1) reminder.

Families can contact their student throughout the day by calling our front office.

Don't Bully...Be A Friend!
Anti-Bullying Expectations

Bullying is prohibited by APS and at Garfield STEM Magnet and Community School.  We expect our Grey Wolf Scholars to participate in anti-bullying actions to and from school, at the bus stop, during school and school-related activities before and after school and during on-campus or off-campus events.  This also includes avoiding cyberbullying through social media and other online spaces.

To report bullying, please contact the school counselor (Ms. Begay).  You can also fill out our "Help Stop Bullying" Report Form.

"Don't Bully...Be A Friend!"

Academic Honesty
Academic Honesty

All Grey Wolf Scholars will be taught to avoid plagiarism, collusion, and malpractice, and be made aware of expectations of academic behavior that is responsible and ethical.

All Grey Wolf Scholars will be informed by their instructor if academic honesty has been broken, and be given a chance to correct any issues for full credit (first incident) and partial credit (second or more incidents).